New music video for Prunk Möbel and Euforisk


Euforisk is a new artist collective for experimental club music based in Oslo, and I just joined the crew as a visual artist and DJ. Watch this music video I made for one of my favorite Prunk Möbel tracks: Extraterrestrialized. His new ep Summon is out today, April 28th ! Turn up the volume :D


TRANSCEND is out !

Proud to be a part of this new book by Phuture Club!

Elastic Offsprings - Back to Life

a performative video and sculpture project in colaboration with Daniel Peder Askeland






October 05 -11: Camera Movement - Fotogalleriet, Oslo

Curated by K U K & P A R F Y M E (Ingrid Forland & Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg)



Young Mammoth II



Juni - august 2017:

Skulpturbiennalen, Oslo



With Daniel Peder Askeland and Anders Holen. Curated by Sverre Gullesen

Foto: Tor S. Ulstein


Video in colaboration with Lea Basch



Screenings 2017:


Mørkerommet, Trondheim